Learn how to waterstart with a wing foil. It will give you more confidence to go out wing foiling in stronger winds, use smaller wing foil boards and ride bigger waves.

On the beach

  • Trim your wing foil
  • Check your position on the board (mark positions)
  • Check leashes
  • Make sure you have enough water depth for your foil

Going wingfoiling

In the water

  • Pull yourself on the board
  • Sit with your knees on the board
  • Lift the wing foil and feel the wind

Waterstart wing foil

  • Lift gently your frontleg
  • Use the wingfoil for stability

Wingfoil Waterstart

  • Get the wind in your wingfoil
  • Stand up slowly
  • Take position
  • Sailing upwind

wingfoil lessons

  • Get grip from the wind in the wing foil
  • Once you have speed the foil board will rise
  • Focus on position and stability


  • Repeat waterstart

Make sure you have this movement under control, only then can you enjoy the freedom of wing foiling

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