Tarifa is the mecca of wing foil for a reason, passion for water sports.

Here new designs of foil boards, foils and wings are developed, improved and tested by local wing foil world champions, under the best and most extreme wind conditions. That is also the reason that many great wing foil brands hold their annual dealer meeting and product presentation in Tarifa

Wing foil is alive in Tarifa, there is a hype going on about wing foil. We have come to a point where we see more wingfoilers than kitesurfers on the water, and growing.

If you want to experience wing foil at its best then Tarifa is the place to be. The schools offer the newest wing gear for lessons and rentals. People who want to learn wing foil will benefit from being taught on the latest gear. Wing foil better in a shorter time.

The big advantage of Tarifa is that the wind is always blowing, even with a light breeze you can have a lot of fun with a wing foil and glide for hours over the blue ocean

Wing foil schools