In Tarifa all year round

Always sun, when its too hot in Spain, in Tarifa is fresh air. When it rains in Spain, the sun is shining in Tarifa

  • Mild Temperatures (18°C / 32°C)
  • 320 days of Sunshine
  • Guaranteed Wind
  • The best months for good weather in Tarifa are March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.
  • The warmest months are July, August and September
  • Dry periods in June, July and August
  • Coldest months are January, February and March
  • Rainiest months are November, February and march
  • The best months for swimming are June, July, August and September
  • Water temperature is between 17°C and 25°C.

The percentage of windy days with more then force 4 Beaufort is approximately 80% per year. In the summer months it reaches up to 90%, when the warm Levante wind blows. During the winter months when the poniente is the dominant wind, the percentage is 70%. 

Weather In Tarifa

Climate change is noticeable in Andalucia, longer hot summers, more dry periods, no water and less but harder rain in winter. Tarifa is an ideal destination for those who want to go on holiday out of season

Average temperatures in Tarifa:

Januari 15°
February 17°
March 18°
April 19°
May 20°
June 22°
July 25°
August 26°
September 25°
October 21°
November 18°
December 16°