Planning a workation in Tarifa

If kitesurf, wing foil, surf, mountain bike or yoga is your sport and you can work from another location, then Tarifa is the perfect destination for a workation. Set in a beautiful natural environment where you can do all kinds of outdoor activities, eat unequaled and enjoy to the fullest your sport

It’s no secret that Tarifa in the summertime is incredibly hot, too hot for a workation. Instead, head to Tarifa from autumn to spring to avoid the hot weather. Tarifa bring a welcome change of pace and cheaper cost of living

Digital nomads of all fields will surely enjoy their time here, but those involved in fields like outdoors lifestyle and water sports will feel especially at home. Tarifa is a very inspiring place, a true content deliver

Solid internet

Tarifa has a reliable internet connection however, you should take into account that it sometimes happens after a hard storm that there is no internet connection. Repairs often take a few hours before the internet is available again

Co-working spaces in Tarifa

Tarifa has been a popular destination among remote workers and digital nomads for years and several companies offer their services:

Tarifa garaga creative space

La Cocotera co-working meeting point

TAF co-working space

Get in touch with other digital nomads or remote workers in Tarifa


Trisquel for all computing

Internet speed test handy before you rent accommodation

Kite or wing foil gear rental long term

Mountain bike rental long term

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