Tarifa was first mentioned (under another name) in the writings of Plinius. Excavations and cavedrawings in the immediate surroundings of the town are witnesses of long past cultures, where as the more recent history is to some extent reflected in the architecture of buildings that still exist today. Here, the past and the future merge to form the present. And this is how the visitor should try to experience Tarifa.

Surroundings of Tarifa

If you walk through the old town centre without prejudices or definite expectations, you will discover much hidden beauty. Beautiful corners to take pictures, flamenco music, flower-laden windows, peacefulness. And then, only a few streets further on, just the opposite: Crowded lively cafes, restaurants, tapas bars with happy people, expressing their joy of life.

In the surroundings of the town you will find a generous and at the same time somehow unapproachable type of nature. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea offer ideal conditions for whale watching, scuba diving, kitesurfing, the landscape around Tarifa for hiking, mountain bike tours, horseback riding and bird watching etc.

Tarifa and surroundings have a lot to offer. Some things are obvious, others have to be looked forfirst, but in any case… it is worth!