Surf spots in Tarifa

The surf season in Tarifa extends from september through to april with occasional swelll in spring and summer months. From a surfing perspective Tarifa is an ideal location for beginner and intermediate surfer looking for fun and to progress their surfing to the next level. The best surf spots in Tarifa are:


The first surf spot to check out is the Balneario Beach, right of the island. The exact point at which the forces of both the Mediterranea and Atlantic converge. This surf spot works on a south or southwest swell and is your best guage for predicting size at other spots, given that it`s the biggest wave in Tarifa. Therefor it must be at least a meter to warrant a visit to the other nearby surf spots. With a southern swell and a light north east wind, it can be hollow and big.

Los Pinos

Given suitable conditions on a southwest swell, it may be worth dropping in at surf spot Los Pinos (Arte Vida) with its friendly sand-bar break.

The Bunker

The Bunker, also know as secret spot, entrance opposite Hotel Punta Sur, is a slightly more radical right-hander with an edgier drop.


About 8 km west of Tarifa on the Cadiz-bound N-340 coast road, you can see the surf spot at the end of the sand dunes of Punta Paloma, and if there is a white foamy wave extending out from the point, it´s well worth paying a visit. This surf spot is called Benavides and is the longest and classiest right-hander in Tarifa. It only works with a sizeable southern swell.