The Number 1 Kitesurf Destination In Europe

You go to Tarifa for Kitesurfing

Tarifa is located at the strait of gibraltar, where the wind is always blowing, or from the Mediterranean Sea, so called Levante wind (warm) or from the Atlantic Ocean, so called poniente wind (fresh).

  • Guaranteed Wind
  • Mild Temperatures (18°C / 32°C)
  • 320 days of sunshine
  • Wide White Sandy Beaches
  • Transparent Waters
  • Quality Kitesurf Schools
  • Experienced Kitesurf instructors
  • New Kite Gear Rentals
  • Best Sailing Conditions

Tarifa attracts thousands of wind and kitesurfers from around Europe who come here to enjoy what they love most … Wind.

The percentage of windy days with more then force 4 Beaufort is approximately 80% per year. In the summer months it reaches up to 90%, when the warm Levante wind blows. During the winter months when the poniente is the dominant wind, the percentage is 70%.

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