The Best Tapas Bars In Tarifa

Going for tapas in the historic center of Tarifa is not only a tasty experience, but also a cheap way to eat out. For about 10 to 20 Euro per person you have eaten very well.

The historic center hides a lot of tapas bars of excellent quality, although you have to look for them a bit. The most famous street to find good tapas bars is Calle Guzman el Bueno

Tapas Bars In Calle Guzman El Bueno In Tarifa

It starts at the entrance of the castle and ends 600 meters further at the Mirador. This beautiful Andalusian street in the old town of Tarifa is packed with tapas bars, making calle Guzman el Bueno one of the most popular streets to go out eating tapas in Tarifa.

What striking is that all these tapas bars are run by couples who share their passion for Spanish cuisine and tapa culture with us.