Wind and Kite Clinic Tarifa
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Spring, Summer, Autumn
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Wind and Kite Clinic Tarifa

One week of sailing on the best spot of Europe to learn to perform better and share lots of fun.

Like on all our watersports training events Time on the water is our top priority. Our experienced Trainers will challenge you to spend more time on the water than ever. No matter how the conditions are. We will help you to finally learn your favourite new manoeuvre or try try some kiting if you´re a windsurfer, or windsurfing if you´re a kiter. If the wind is light, we will take you out on Surfboards or SUP Boards for some Wave Riding or Paddle Excursion. Our goal is to help you become better in the water, no matter what sport you do!

Windsurf and Kiteboarding Radio and Video supported Tuition. Every day, up to 6 hours on the water. In addition early morning crossfit and yoga sessions.

Activities: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, SUP, Fitness, Excursions

Specials: Stand Up Paddling, Equipment clinics, Beach BBQ, Mountainbike Excursion, Surfing

For who? Every Windsurfer or Kiter, no matter if complete beginner, intermediate rider or advanced Surfer. Tarifa is the perfect playground for every outdoor enthusiast.

The Spots

There are not many places in the word which offer such a variety of different conditions and spots as Tarifa. One can easily sail in flatwater conditions in the morning, drive a couple of minutes up or down the cost and spent the afternoon wavesailing in head high surf.

We want to discover with you the whole variety Tarifa has to offer. We will take you on long downwinders along Tarifas Coastline and to Offshore Reefs in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar. Expect great conditions, amazing landscapes and a sailing experience totally different from a normal Wind or Kitesurf holiday in a Watersport Center.

Spots we're going to sail and surf with you are: Hurricane Beach, Valdevaqueros Beach, Bolonia, Canos de Meca, Downwinder from Valdevaqueros to Tarifa (10 km), Stand Up Paddling along the Strait of Gibraltar, La Bajetta and whatever else you might have in mind.

Activties on land
Mountainbiking tour in Parque Natural de Los Alcornocales, a route packed with amazing landscapes, trails and breathtaking views.
Horseback riding through Tarifa's Nature Parks
Whalewatching in the Strait of Gibraltar
R&D of North Kiteboarding in Tarifa

This extraordinary week on the southernmost point of continental Europe is offered by watersports-training. 

Offer is Exclusive accommodation, contact for accommodation suggestions.



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Wind and Kite Clinic Tarifa
€ 450 per person
Wind and Kite clinic Tarifa
€ 450 per person

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