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No Noises Holidays 

In every city we are daily confronted with not self chosen irritating, needless, energy absorbing, excessive noises, like if we have not enough with our own inner noises.

There are two noices in the city.

Standard City Noises:
Police sirens, happy garbage man, singing neighbour, loud creative drug user as pantomime artist, flying rats (the city dove), squeaky tram, people going to or come from work, parking entertainment, claxon concerts, traffic jam, markets etc. Noises we accept, love to hear and feel, it gives power to body and soul. Does it?

Irritating Needless Excessive City Noises:
On the other hand damaging noises that we don`t want to hear at all, like, city improvements (roads, drainage, constructions) that take longer than promised (start always on the doorstep), the neighbor who uses the drill at the wrong hour, loud arguing people, bad Dj, drivers fighting for a parking space, hear again with a cynical undertone "who is next, who is under the mask", dealing with authorities, test waiting resistence and not to forget our colleagues, yes, they absurb.

1 + 1 = 2 The bag is full

When man was born he was in free nature, heard the birds singing, saw flowers blooming, water flowing and so on, once a time of peace. By evolution there are noises added. Today, there are too many noises that we have to process. It inhibits creativity, progress and can cause disease. Body needs pure nature, sometimes.

Time to escape the noises that infringes upon your acceptance, visit Tarifa!
A little white village at the strait of Gibraltar, surrounded by excepcional beautiful nature, long wide sandy beaches, cork woods, atlantic ocean, view on north african coastline, outdoors life style, sports paradise but above all a place of peace and silence.
Silence feeds the body and mind, less inner and needless noises, more simple moments of a walking barefoot on earth, deep breathing, warm home, good food, beautiful nature and love.
Reset your body in Tarifa.

To know:
Noises that you hear in Tarifa: Birds singing (both of them), wind, happy sporters, guitar playing, Manolo from the bar.

What can we do for you?
Find you the right no noise accommodation.
Recommend no noise romantic restaurants.
Organize A "Silence" taylor made activities programm.
As long as it's not too loud, we can arrange for you.

How do I feel when i am back home?
Full of energy with a new perspective and a big smile

Are noises Pollution? Yes they are, they do unseen damage to body and soul


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