Mama Need A Surfer Holiday
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Mama Need A Surfer Holiday

To escape the daily grind like, shopping, dishes, ironing shirts, bookkeeping, go with the kids in the afternoons to sports, comes home, opens the frontdoor and there he is, A Walrus on a sofa with remote control waiting for food. What happened after eating, isn´t happening for years.
Give him a chance to change and treat yourself.

Book a holiday with your girlfriends to Tarifa and enjoy a straightforward adventure with a surfer. Enjoy our slogan; No Wind, No Waves, Rock the Ladies.

I just want to have some attention, certainly not fall in love or relation?
Surfers fall in love with every woman they meet, it´s a horrible sickness. Relations are complicated, so why should we start a relation if we can have fun. Play in the healing ocean, Share passion, Meet interesting stories, Go on excursions, Discover new places, Cooking classes, Dance naked, Yoga in the moonlight, Pick Nick on the beach, watch Sunset from the top of the mountain and good laughs. No stress.

Do surfers in Tarifa have experience with mama's.
Yes, we do. We love mama's wisdom, sharpness, tranquility and what is age, So long it rocks and nobody faints, Let´s have fun.

What do i say to my husband and children, i never went out with my girlfriends?
Make a plan with your girlfriends, take care that babbysitter is single and good looking, dont be selfisch, give him also an opportunity.

Where do we sleep?
Tarifa is a romantic place, the coast of light and beautiful sunsets. To get the most out of your stay, we recommend to book one of the beach hotels or a private villa with pool and best views on Africa.

What are the best spots in Tarifa to meet a surfer?
Valdevaqueros beach under the dunes of Punta Paloma is far out the most successful place to go for mama's looking for adventures.

What kind of activities can we do in Tarifa?
Rent a scooter and discover the surroundings of Tarifa (TIP, check insurance, surfers are funny scooter drivers), Whale watching with Turmares, Flamenco evening, horseback riding, mountain biking tour, yoga classes, never a dull moment in Tarifa. A true outdoor sports paradise.


To the husbands who read this holiday offer for mama's?
Do not worry she is in good hands, we really are not looking for relations, so you´re safe on that one. We just have fun. If you are a man who sports, doesn´t drink alcohol, spend quality time with the kids, seperate work from private life and you can see and use your thing. No problem, we show her the best of Tarifa and she will return full of positive energy to give more love.
Surfers services limited to; Swimming in the sea, Have a good laugh, Dance on the beach, Go on excursions, Enjoy amazing places, Home cooking, Become friends with an invitation for the whole family to visit Tarifa

But if you are a profesional 120 kilo walrus couch sporter specialized in watching tv with a beer in one hand, sigaret in the other, peanuts between the tooths, shameless fart by every goal, sharing the victory in the pub with the lads, use earwax as a snack and had no sex with your wife since the day of marriage, let her go, you would not even miss her.
Surfers services unlimited

Why are surfers so popular by mama's?
Their independency, self confidence, way of living life, well maintained body, high level fun factor and the continue urge for adventure.


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