La Casa de la Favorita

La Casa de la Favorita

Hotel La Casa de la Favorita

8 Charming rooms in the centre of Tarifa.

A beautiful original restored building with a story in the heart of Tarifa. The legend tells that in the 8th century an Abbasid prince and his christian wife, named by the tarifeños La Favorita, lived here to escape the madness, to enjoy life and love. We still do not know exactly why los tarifeños named her La Favorita.

Today La Casa de La Favorita is a popular destination for people looking for comfort and quality. The reception takes care of all details, you just enjoy good nights of sleep and Tarifa.

Travelers information: Due to its centric location, the nights can be noisy during the month of august. 

On the website of La Casa de la Favorita you find more information and (mobile) booking form.

Enjoy your stay.



Tarifa Travel Say:
Within walking distance of all the monuments, shops, tapas bars and the famous beach