The Rock of Gibraltar rises 426 meters above sea level, is one of the most strategic points in the world and the biggest tourist attraction on the Costa del Sol.

How to get to Gibraltar from Tarifa:

30 minutes drive by car. You can expect delays at the border, so if you go by car, we recommend to park the car in a parking in front of the border and walk through the border.

What is so special:

The Rock itself is very impressive, Traditions, Ocean Village in the port, Main Street, Docks.

What to do:

Sunrise Breakfast at La Caleta, visit monuments, Tax Free shopping or have a cup of tea on the famous shady terrace of the Rock Hotel, overlooking the bay.

Excursions & Activities:

Visit the famous St Micheals cave, a must see, Meet the monkey´s at the Upper Rock or Visit the mosque at Europe point from where you have fantastic views over the Strait of Gibraltar.

Recommended travel time:

One day visit.


Valid passport and remember the currency here is pounds sterling however they accept euros.

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