Chefchaouen is a blue fairytale destination up in the mountains to relax or to go Hiking, Mountain Biking or for Photography 

Chefchaouen is a very special place to visit in North Morocco, just a 5 hours travel from Tarifa. If you have the chance to visit, Go 

How to get to Chefchaouen from Tarifa: 

Fast Ferry to Tanger, own transport (car, motorbike) or Taxi (from Tanger) to Chefchaouen, four hour travel. From the road you have a good look at the rural life, next to the road there are outlets where local farmers and artist sell there goods like fresh vegetables, handmade lamps, pots and other typical morrocan decoration 

What is so special:

The blue color of the town that changes with the light of the day, architecture, striking is the lay back lifestyle, friendly people and the unique location. 

What to do:

Taking 1000 of pictures, Chefchaouen is very attractive for photographers.
Strolling through the little colorful shopping streets where local and international artists display their art or drink a tea or fresh orange juice at one of the many terraces and watch the world go by. 

Excursions & Activities:

Hiking, Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking are the most favorite activities. The trails to go hiking or biking takes you past beautiful scenery. 

Recommended travel period:

May to october 


Valid passport and do not forget your camera! 

Have you mobile phone charged when you visit Chefchaouen.


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