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Andalucia is rich in history, where tradition is respected and is celebrated with proud, true live. Take the rental car or motorbike and discover the inland of Andalucia, visit historical monuments, photograph imposing architecture, film beautiful landscapes, enjoy the best gastronomy in the world, ...experience something new.

The proposed destinations are based on our own experience. They are all lovely cosy white villages surrounded by a extraordinary unspoilt nature, ideal to visit for a day or two, where you can enjoy all kind of outdoor sports like, Mountain biking, Hiking, Trail running, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Horseback riding, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Stand up paddle surfing and the delicious local cuisine.

TIP: Have your mobile phone charged, because every corner of Andalucia is a instagram picture worth taking.

Outdoors sports holiday destination Tarifa

Tarifa, located in the province of Cadiz in Andalusia, is a small town on the southernmost tip of the Spanish mainland and European continent. The Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea bathe its coasts and united the Strait of Gibraltar, create a natural border with the African continent.

Its geographical strategic situation favored the arrival of numerous settlers since prehistoric times, although it has been the Roman culture that influenced more in Tarifa. The Romans created three settlements in this area: Lulia Traducta, known as Tarifa, Mellaria, known as Casas de Porros and Baelo Claudia, ten canneries and factories.

Tarifa is part of the history of Spain

The city of Baelo Claudia, founded in the late second century BC was an important Roman industrial complex of canning cured meats and sauces. Like the Garum sauce, which obtained its raw material from trap fisheries, and traded their products throughout the Mediterranean. Today, this roman city is preserved as priceless archaeological site of historical, artistic and tourist value.

The best tuna in the world is caught in Tarifa

Fishing in Tarifa remains an important activity thanks to mainly two types of traditional fishing: The art of Almadraba, to catch the tuna passing through the Strait in nets, and the existence of an artisanal fleet of small boats that dedicate their efforts to capture small capture of Tarifa or Besuga pint.

Tarifa, the wind city, represents an unbeatable tourist attraction

The alternation of Levante and Poniente winds make it an ideal place for sports like Windsurfing or Kitesurfing.
Anno 2016, Tarifa has become a full-fledged outdoor sports paradise with a very atractive gastronomic offer and dependent totally on tourism.

Tarifa is 365 days per year open for adventure

Sports to do in Tarifa:

Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Stand up paddle boarding, Sailing, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Yoga, Trail running, Hiking, Run behind a rabbit, Catch a bird or Swim with a fish.

The most popular excursion to do in Tarifa is Whale watching in the strait of Gibraltar. Observe whales and dolphins in their own natural environment, attracts annually ten thousands of visitors to Tarifa.

The most popular activity to do in Tarifa is Mountain biking (cross country, enduro and downhill) in natural park Los Alcornocales, biking amazing trails with a guide and enjoy spectacular views.


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