Tarifa becomes Tarifa again. Slowly more hotels, restaurants and tapas bars reopen in Tarifa and we are so happy with that!

Most have adapted to the new covid-19 social distancing and six max rules, so check your favorite hotel, restaurant or tapas bar website or social media page for their opening policy, opening hours (restricted) and reservation conditons.

  • Masks must be worn when not eating or drinking
  • Maximum 6 persons per table
  • It is advisable to reserve a table in advance
  • Avoid crowd

Actual restrictions in Andalucia, untill 23 of April:

  • Forbidden to travel between provinces in Andalusia
  • You can not go out on the street between 23.00 hrs. till 06.00 hrs.
  • Bars, restaurants and shops close at 22.30 hrs.