If you want to learn kitesurfing and book kitesurf lessons in Tarifa, the first question kiteschools will ask you; Do you want private or in a group lessons? Private tuition is the most effective way of teaching kitesurfing, both for student and kite instructor, regardless of covid-19 restrictions

  • Best experience
  • Keeping social distance is not endangered

When you book a private kitesurf lesson you be sure that you receive the full attention from the kite instructor, without being disturbed by other participants

  • No waiting times
  • No sharing of kite gear
  • At your own pace
  • Relax environment

The better kite schools use a two-way radio communication for private tuition. The kite instructor can respond directly to situations, give instructions and warnings in real time from a distance. This way of teaching kitesurfing has also a positive influence on the duration of the kite course

  • A faster learning process
  • Best deal!

The kite instructors in Tarifa have only one goal in mind… Your Goal.

Why Are Private Kitesurf Lessons The Best Choice During And Post Covid-19 In Tarifa

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