Six Pack Holidays
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Spring, Summer, Autumn


Six pack holidays

Have fun, after all the training, with your Six Pack in Tarifa.

Make use of your Six Pack under the sun in Sports Paradise Tarifa. There are many outdoor sports activities to do and it stimulates when you're surrounded by athletes who all have the same goal, be stronger, healthier and perform better.

Show your Six Pack. During the summer the beaches are packed with sunbathers, athletes, enjoying the sun, surf and looking at stylish atractive six packs, show time!

Six Pack is a combination of hard training and a proper diet. Lucky us, the local gastronomy of Tarifa offers delicious fresh food to help to keep the six pack in shape, proteins and vitamines.

Six Pack beer. Sorry we do no alcohol. Tarifa Sports Paradise!

How to order a six pack male / female gigolo in Tarifa? Not needed.

What can we do for you:
Show you the six pack hot spots in Tarifa
Find you the right accommodation
Do reservations or bookings

Tarifa Travel takes care that you have a good time.


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